Undergoing surgery requires a recovery period that includes rest and a routine that helps the patient return to normal activity as soon as possible. Most patients need help in the days following surgery, and at least some ongoing assistance until they are fully recovered to resume their normal daily routines. There are many post-surgery details to handle, like making sure that the patient is comfortable, medications taken, and that the patient’s immediate needs are taken care of. The patient may be encouraged per doctor’s orders to get up and move around on schedule so the body’s normal functions are maintained.

Surgical recovery times can differ widely, from a few days to months. Regular day-to-day support after surgery is a key element in reducing recovery time. Providing strong post-surgery support is one of the best ways to assure a faster and better recovery. Sydney Rose Home Care can work with you or your family to make sure that a skilled and compassionate caregiver will be present when you need them to provide post operative care at home, at an assisted living or rehab facility.